How Home Improvement Found Me Success In Love And Relationships

Steven here, and I was asked by my bosses at to maintain this blog. I am quite new to this, so bear with me as I tell you my life story. 🙂

I am quite good looking I must say, and I am quite intelligent too (I was awarded a scholarship to go to the Michigan State Community College but I chose to be an apprentice in home building instead), but the last time I had a girlfriend was back in high school. I used to be good with girls but after high school I seem to have lost the magic touch. At the advice from some friends I have started to go online and look at some websites as well as to search on Google for tips, tricks and techniques on love, dating and seduction.


And I was not disappointed. There are some really good sites such as Fast Seduction, Bristol Lair, Seduction Chronicles and which are all pretty awesome when it comes to linking up guys who want to be better with women. In particular, I really enjoy this blog post which outlined some key ideas and a short step-by-step guide on how to pick up a girl and make her fall in love in amazingly short time.

I am not an expert in dating and seduction, but in this maiden blog post I am going to stop talking about home improvement, and share with you some key ideas on dating and pickup that I have learned over the years from seduction masters that I have met online. You may not agree with some of these points, but they have worked wonders for me. I bet they will do the same for you as well if you put your heart and soul into it like I did!

How To Be Successful At Dating – A Short Guide For The Guys

  • Commit yourself to the tasks ahead – there are no simple shortcuts when it comes to becoming better at love and dating. It’s all worth it!
  • Read as much as possible on the topic of dating and relationships. Learn from other people’s mistakes! With this knowledge, go and approach as many women as you meet in a day. Knowledge is nothing without practice – I remind myself this every single day.
  • Build your confidence levels. Some like affirmations and be optimists. I like to listen to brainwave entrainment programs – they make me relax, and they also clear my mind. I also found that by listening to programs like the NeuroActivator ( my confidence levels go up.
  • Study human psychology in order to be really good with women. My brother holds a degree in psychology, and I frequently ask him about questions about dating women. He would give me really good answers based on female psychology which really helped me build my game.
  • Always be brutally honest with yourself. This is the only way to improve!

All the best!

Simple Steven

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5 Myths About Online Dating

1If you’re looking for a way out of the hassles and problems of traditional dating, but still want to take your chances on romance, your best option might be going online with it. Online dating is one platform that is so full of potentials and is actually worth the try.

But because of the many stories – the good, the bad, and the different versions in between – have been warped and tweaked and twisted one too many times that it has been the subject of modern day myth and folklore. Before anything else, first you need to be good at dating!

Popular online dating myths

So if you’re seriously thinking about going online with your romantic pursuits, you might need to be a little bit more informed and know facts from fiction. These 5 popular online dating myths debunked are a great way to start:

MYTH NO. 1: Online dating is dangerous.

Sure it can be dangerous if you are a 15-year old boy chatting with a pedophilic sex offender pretending to be a young lady to prey on you. But if you’re a regular male adult, working with common sense, and you know how the Internet works, you’ll more or less know just how to protect yourself from the scammers of the virtual world. It can only be as dangerous as you allow it to be.

MYTH NO. 2: Online dating does not result in long-term, substantial relationships.  

I hate to break it to you, but how you met – in this case, online dating – has practically little to no effect on how your relationship will turn out. A lasting relationship is still the direct and undeniable result of two people who are willing to work through the odds out of mutual love. Slightly tweaking my previous statement, a relationship can only be as successful, as substantial and as lasting  as you work for it to be, online or not.

MYTH NO. 3: Online dating is for men who are too wussy to get girls in real life, or those who are desperate for a relationship (or both).

Actually no. The online dating realm is for anyone who’s looking for something else other than real world dating experience – out of boredom, out of curiosity, and maybe even out of being disinterested. So don’t be scared of being seen as a ‘loser’ for trying out online dating, or fear that you’ll no one else online but just a bunch of old spinsters. Really, you’ll be surprised to find many substantial women in the online dating sites.

MYTH NO. 4: You can so easily get a girlfriend on online dating sites.

If you’re just looking for a ‘hookup’, you are better off going to Craigslist and expect to get a really quick answer (a positive one at that too!) But if you’re looking for a genuine, substantial date for a potentially lasting relationship, you’ve got to work for it. What online dating gives you is a quicker, more divergent way to meet women – how you meet them still depends on you and how you work your stuff. Read this article on picking up women for more details.

MYTH NO. 5: You’d have to pay a lot for the costs of online dating membership.

This stuff here is more a yes and no. It highly depends on (1) which site you are subscribing to, and (2) the types of services you are paying for. If cost is an issue, start with websites whose memberships are free of charge, or at least those that are free. Websites that will hook you up with foreign women are usually the most expensive ones.

How To Immediately Be Good At Dating

Many guys come to me and ask about the quickest way to be good with women. The fact is that there is virtually no shortcut when it comes to becoming a master at relationships and seduction.

Young couple celebrating with champagne together

Sad, but true.

One can do research at sites like (highly recommended) or, but the fact is that being good at theory is one thing, and actually being good at applying theory in real life is another.

I know this because I was in a similar situation about ten years ago. Before I became any good at attracting women, I had real problems talking to women.

For example, I would simply freeze at the thought of approaching women in public. I see beautiful women everywhere all the time when I was living in Tampa, Florida. Now approaching women is second nature to me, but I had a lot of work to do.

I finally went under the tutelage of Derek Rake (of the Sonic Seduction and fractionation fame), and he gave me a hard time. Yes, a hard time. See this article.

But it was all worth it.

Being an administrator of the SimpleAssemblyMeHole blog is very taxing, and it often places a lot of stress on my relationships with women. I am currently dating five women (Sarah, Gheeta, Michelle, Sue and Minah), and it can be super stressful – especially on the wallet!

Derek Rake has taught me many aspects about dating and seducing women, including how to talk to women, how to pick up girls and using fractionation in attracting women. My love skills have increased tenfold, and I am forever thankful to him.

If you are still struggling with relationships, don’t fret. Practice makes perfect! Do not give up that easily.

Of course, learn from dating gurus and established pickup artists as well. There are also lots of charlatans out there, and it’s important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

See some good advice on long distance relationships.
Good luck!

How Time Flies!

It has been about six months since I last blogged. Hmm… how time flies, eh?

I will be moving this blog to Tumblr soon – will post more details soon. Meanwhile, if you need to get in touch, email, ok?

All my best,

Rob Pledger

How to Keep a Girl Interested Over Text

Everybody texts. Even my dog sends me texts. From when it first came out as a bleak, bland, black characters thing in the late 90s, it has since evolved into a dynamic, colorful, wonderful and fun not to mention cheap means of communication. Even more so now that the internet has taken texting to a different level, it has escalated from being a convenient choice to becoming the top tier tool of communication for everyone.

And it has also proven itself very helpful in the dating department.


Texting is a good means of relieving anxiety between two potential dates.

Personally, I find texting a good means of relieving anxiety between two potential dates. Especially if she has a boyfriend.

I am not a fan of blind dates; instead, I advocate towards introducing supposed blind dates to each other through texting before you set them up to meet. Texting gives you a great feel of how a person is going to be and the right mix of mystery and revelation – in ways that even calls nor online IMs could not get at par with. But don’t get me wrong. There are times when a call is better than a text.

But of course, a tool is only as good as how you use it. And let me just say that before you use any tool, please please please research on some techniques on how to attract a woman first. What you say on text and how you text are a good gauge of how you are in general. So men, here are some tips on how to keep a girl interested over text:

  • Don’t be too eager. That love for mystery and chase and the guessing game of he likes me/he likes me not is something that’s for both men and women. When you flirt with a girl on text – whether she’s someone you’ve met before, someone you are supposed to meet soon, or someone you’re practically close with – the secret is to not let it all out there. This includes timing your texts to certain times of the day, keeping your texts short, sweet, and if the circumstances allow, sexy and naughty, and NOT texting her all day like a clingy creep.
  • Get her looking forward to your texts. This is where timing your texts only at certain times of day (late night, before bedtime is ideal) is very important. Also, it is important not to linger too long when you text her outside of your usual texting times. Be consistent with who you are on text but keep your topics varied. Flirt some, joke some, “text cuddle” some – keep her interested in your stories and be interested in hers.
  • dO nOt tXt LyK DeEzz..pUhLeAaZe. This type of texting is only acceptable when you’re in your teens and still exploring every possible character option on your phone. Not when you’re a mature adult looking for a serious relationship. Oh, and don’t overdo on the emoticons either. These new smartphones make exploring the new age smileys a lot of fun but limit it to a humanly acceptable level.
  • Leave her thinking. Especially if you’re capping it off for the night, leave her an image to think about. Let that image be you; and make sure you look good in that image.
  • Text smart. Text well. It’s only as good as you make it, after all. Happy texting!


Some Updates… On My Dating Life! :)

It has been three months since I last blogged, and I apologize. I have been asked to do some website reviews (entirely voluntary, and I didn’t get paid for this), and one dating site which really caught my eye was the SIBG site (, which also doubles up as Baltimore Seduction Lair’s knowledge base. It is pretty impressive, and has got a good chunk of dating tips and techniques for men. I spent nearly three hours devouring the content, and I can imagine guys getting tremendous help from these Baltimore guys. There are stuff on how to approach a girl and make her give you her phone number, how to get a girlfriend, how to flirt with women, how to attract the females and more. Very impressive stuff. As I previously blogged during our field trip to a Sonic Seduction workshop, my friend Pankaj Dhawan picked up her girlfriend-to-be Sonali Asthana (not very good looking) with a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo. I mean, Pankaj is not as fat and ugly as his best friend Rahul Gupta, and so his success with women is more or less assured.

Sonali, I was just kidding when I said that you were not good looking. Just humor me, would ya? 🙂

As I said, I do not get paid to say this or to review the site. I do this voluntarily. Really. I like good content online and so I wish that there are more seduction gurus and dating teachers who put their best stuff online. I know Derek Rake (Sonic Seduction) does, and he is awesome at what he does.

Till the next time – keep on sarging!

Sonic Seduction – What I Have Learned Through The Program

I was asked to attend a seminar called “Sonic Seduction” which is meant to help guys who have problems in their relationships. I am doing well with my girlfriend, but since I have grown in stature when it comes to dating blogging (this blog has reached Alexa 10,000), I was invited to attend a seminar here in New Jersey. The program creator, Stephen Forbes emailed me after reading my article on how to impress a woman who is already attached and asked if I would like an all-expense paid trip to NJ. To which I happily obliged. 😉

I managed to go for some sight-seeing when I was down there at NJ for the SonicSeduction seminar as a guest

I managed to go for some sight-seeing when I was down there at NJ for the SonicSeduction seminar as a guest

It’s a mind opening experience indeed. Armed with Sonic Seduction techniques I could see that the participants’ increased confidence when dealing with the fairer sex. For this, I must congratulate the Sonic Seduction instructors – John Lee, Serra DeGuzman ( a woman pickup artist!), Pankaj Dhawan (based out of India) and Richard Forbes (program director Stephen’s brother) for their abilities to be emphatic with their audiences which comprised of men from Australia, Singapore, USA and UK.

Here are some notes from the field as an invited observer:-

  1. All game is inner game. Sonic Seduction is designed to build confidence rather than relying on superficial tricks such as peacocking and using opening lines.
  2. Grooming is important during first few dates at least. Looks don’t matter that much, but cleanliness goes a long way!
  3. Techniques like fractionation and push pull are awesome, but must be used sparingly to be effective.
  4. Asking a girl out is a fool’s game. Be so alpha than women approach you instead!
  5. Use techniques like the Boyfriend Destroyer and you might suffer the karmic effect. Do it with your eyes open!

If you are interested to find out more about the SonicSeduction program, go to this website and read through the case studies. It’s a good read!

PS: This is not a paid post, and while the trip was paid by the folks who organized SonicSeduction, they didn’t ask me to write good stuff about them.

How to Impress a Girl Who Has a Boyfriend

Hi, Steven here, and I am back from assembling IKEA furnitures. 🙂

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you met an attractive girl and then later learned that she was actually already taken? You might not have noticed this yet, but attractive girls are almost always already in relationships. This means that you have competition before you even try to impress them. There is no need to worry, though. Believe it or not, you can learn how to impress a girl who has a boyfriend and hook up with her in the end. All you have to do is read this article… and I know what I am talking about (see my explanation here).

Before anything else, you have to accept that there might not be anything that you can do to make a girl leave her boyfriend, if she is already perfectly happy and satisfied in her current relationship. However, if she agrees to go on a date with you even though she already has a boyfriend, then you can be sure that she is currently unhappy and you can make your moves as needed.

So, how can you learn how to impress a girl who has a boyfriend, then? Here are 3 guaranteed methods on how to impress a girl who has a boyfriend that will get you what you want in no time:

1. Create an intense emotional bond with her.

The keyword here would be “emotional”. This simply means that you shouldn’t try to throw logical reasons her way on why she should leave her boyfriend for you. Instead, just evoke the right emotions in her, so that she always feels happy in your presence. This way, you can get her to forget about feeling guilty for seeing you even if she has a boyfriend and make yourself irresistible in her eyes.

2. Find out what her perfect boyfriend would be like and amplify her current boyfriend’s weaknesses.

While learning how to impress a girl who has a boyfriend, you have to be ready to use the same elicit values techniques that other pickup artists the world over use in order to succeed.

Start by asking her what she deems as important traits in a boyfriend. Then, change the subject and talk about her current boyfriend while subtly and indirectly comparing him to her ideal one. This is sure to make her realize how flawed her boyfriend actually is. Overall, this technique would be especially effective if her boyfriend doesn’t even meet her core requirements to begin with.

3. Send her on a roller coaster of emotions.

If you really want to learn how to impress a girl who has a boyfriend and are willing to do anything to win her over, then send her on a roller coaster of emotions, wherein she alternates between sad states and happy states. This will definitely attract her to you in no time. The best part is that this isn’t hard to do, either. Taken from the hypnosis and psychology fields, this technique is very easy to do and also happens to be a very effective way to attract girls, in general – even if they already have boyfriends. If you are interested to learn more about this, go here –

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